02- Buying Flashbuilder

  1. Whenever I start eclipse, I get this message that says I should buy Flashbuilder. There's a link that says Buy serial number for Adobe Flash Online but that goes to the Flex 3 page instead of the Flashbuilder 4 page...so it's not totally clear if it will work or not.
  2. I don't have any use for Flashbuilder. I know the Red5plugin uses it to generate client code, but I will never use that. I just purchased Flash CS4, and I want to use that instead. But I'm willing to pay the $250 for Flashbuilder, just to get rid of this message... because this message freezes up eclipse and freezes up my computer and generates thousands of errors in the log. It generates some kind of infinite loop.
  3. My question is if I buy the serial number for Flex 3, will it work for Flex 4/Flashbuilder 4?
    I have figured out the answer to this question...it does not work if you buy the serial number...see my video here about this.
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