01- Red5 Questions

  1. How do I delete/edit a target runtime?
  2. How do I delete/edit runtime configurations?
  3. When do I use the Red5 service I installed, and when do I use the Red5 distribution I built (they can't be running at the same time...I can only use one at a time).

    UPDATE: I think I may know the answer to this.

    You use the installed Red5 service in the following scenerios:

    You use the Red5 distribution in the following scenerios:
  4. I installed ANT, but never used it. Should I uninstall it?

    UPDATE: I think it is used when I created a non-plugin Red5 Application. It may also be used when I create a Red5plugin application, but I'm not totally sure. I think I'll leave it installed.
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