16- Run Red5 Distribution in Eclipse

  1. In this video we will run the r1 distribution we created in the last video inside eclipse. In order to run the red5 distribution, we need to create a runtime configuration.
  2. Open eclipse and open the red5_server project, click on the Run arrow icon, click on Run Configurations, Right click on Java Application in the left sidebar, and click on New.
  3. For the Project:, type in red5_server (that is the project that has our red5_distribution).
  4. For Main Class, click on the Search button, type in bootstrap, then click on the item in the list that says Bootstrap - ord.red5.server, then click OK.
  5. Then give the distribution a name in the Name: box, type in Distribution r1 (that way we will know that this Runtime Configuration is for the r1 distribution).
  6. Now click on the Arguments tab, then click on the Other radio button, then click on the Workspace button, then expand the red5_server project, then expand the dist folder, and then click on r1 folder. Then click OK button.
  7. Then click on the classpath tab, then click on red5_server and click on Remove button. Then click on User Entries and click on Add JARS button. Expand the red5_server project, and expand the dist folder, then expand r1 folder, then click on boot.jar. Then click on OK button. Then click on the Apply button. Then click on the Run button. And it will compile, and then it will say "Installer Service Created".
  8. To stop Red5, click on the Red stop button.
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